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What to Expect on this Call:

This is a Strategic Assessment Session to give you the clarity on IF your challenge has been SOLVED by our method already and if so, how you can use our tools & training to get the solution. 

Our Relationship Development® Advisor will listen to you share a little bit about what's going on for you. They will offer you clarity on if your specific relationship challenges have already been PROVEN to be SOLVED using our Relationship Development Method or NOT.

If we have already solved what you are facing, the RDO Advisor will point you to the resource we have that has already been proven to solve what it is you are facing (or tell you we don't have one, if we can't help). 

At Relationship Development®, we have several different resources available, ranging from free resources to get an idea or insight to our $15,000 per year "Done With You" services RelationshipU program, to help ensure you get the result you want. 

Heads Up: This is not a "counseling call". We don't do gimmicks or tricks. 
And this is not a "couple's session" - we do not do any couple's work. 

This is a Strategic Assessment Session to give you the clarity on IF your challenge has been SOLVED by us already and if so, how you can use our tools & training to get the solution. 

Be cool! Please show up for the call that you book. Our Advisors are busy and we have a lot of folks to help.

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Stacey & Paul Martino are the creators of the Relationship Development® Methodology. For over a DECADE, they have been helping thousands and thousands of people, from all over the world! 

Their Relationship Development Method empowers you to single-handedly transform your relationship, create your unshakeable love and bring harmony to your home! 

They have been featured by MANY media outlets and some incredible people.... 
Here's a snippet of some of their appearances:

STACEY & PAUL MARTINO have proven that it only takes ONE partner to transform a relationship... ANY relationship!

The Martino's are on a mission to empower people to get the Unshakable Love and Unleashed Passion they want in their relationship... even if their partner REFUSES to change!

Stacey and Paul, are the creators of Relationship Development®. Their Relationship Development methodology is personal development for your relationship.

The students in their RelationshipU program have had a 1% Divorce Rate and a 99% Success Rate over a 6 year study period of student results! Those results are unheard of! And that's because...this methodology WORKS!

The Martinos are Changing the Way Relationship is Done®!

Using their SKILLS-BASED methodology and the hundreds of Relationship Development tools they have invented, they have helped thousands and thousands of people, from all over the world, to transform their marriages, parenting and families! (all by working with only ONE spouse)

Tens of thousands of people have been through their programs and events. Over a million people have heard them speak. The Martino's have written books, been featured in magazines and other media all over the world, and Stacey is the relationship columnist for Aspire Magazine. 



Stacey and Paul have been together for over 25 years...are happily (and passionately) married... and enjoy life with their 2 teenage kids! They have been doing this work for over 20 years and started the Relationship Development mission over a decade ago!

But what really matters is the RESULTS.....

There's a reason .... a reason why at Relationship Development Live Events, over 50% of all attendees have attended an RD event before and are attending AGAIN!

There's a reason why 90%+ of students in the RelationshipU advance to their next year in the program because they want MORE!

There's a reason why the majority of the employees at Relationship Development are also students (who pay tuition for their program) ...meaning, the people building the programs believe in this so much that they BUY the programs and become students!

As our students say..... THIS SHIT WORKS!

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